Design a custom jar in 3D,
then Enjoy your real jar.

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1) Build a jar in 3D,
2) Buy your design,
3) Enjoy the real glass jar!

Use the free app to design a jar in the 3D Designer, then buy it and we send you the real glass jar!

JAR BUILDER Jars are made-by-hand by our skilled glass blowers in Southern California. Thousands of design combinations available and growing.

Design your own
custom glass jar!
FREE in the Apple AppStore.

Handmade with Jar Builder

Jars built in the app, handmade and shipped out.

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The Jar Shop

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Jar Builder Jar - Spider


Jar Builder large tube jar


Jar Dude Clear Jar Green Lip


Green Tube Dude Jar


Jar Builder Jar - Ocean, Sun, Dolphins


Jar Builder large tube jar


Jar Builder Blossom Jar


Red Blossoms Jar





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